Universities in Birmingham for International Students

There are many universities in Birmingham that provide an encouraging and supportive atmosphere for international students. This article will go through just some of those top 4 universities in Birmingham for international students and what they have to offer.

Top 4 Universities in Birmingham for International Students

  • University of Birmingham
  • University College Birmingham
  • Aston University
  • Birmingham City University

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1. University of Birmingham

At the University of Birmingham, there are more than 10,000 international students that come from about 150 different countries around the world. These students are supported by a faculty that is 31% from overseas areas. The University of Birmingham offers international school counsellors that help students access the resources they need. International students can participate in events and even join teams that are specifically aimed towards them.

2. University College Birmingham

The University College Birmingham welcomes over 1,400 students from about 60 different countries. Being an international student, you will receive numerous resources to help your transition to becoming a student in the United Kingdom. The University College Birmingham has an international department that offers aid in countless categories: visas, scholarships, health, expenses, and many more. They encourage international students to stay in residence halls as it is the best way to meet other international students as well as students from the UK.

3. Aston University

Aston University was ranked in the top 50 universities in the world for international outlook and they partner with various programs to help smooth the process for international students joining their community. There you can find over 3,000 international students from more than 120 countries around the world. Aston University offers exchange opportunities with more than 250 different institutions around the world.

4. Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University has invested 1.2 million pounds in scholarships for international students. They have been named the recipient of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize and are well known for their creative arts programs. They offer numerous ways for international students to experience Birmingham City University including summer school, study abroad, and exchange programs.

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