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Welcome to Immigration Solicitors Birmingham, a leading agency in the field of Immigration assisting clients to get the best lawyers on immigration and consultancy services. We help you find the right immigration lawyer by matching Your legal issue with our database of expert lawyers and help to the visa application process. 

We specialize in getting expert lawyers in visa applications, skilled Worker Immigration permits including Tier 1 and Tier 2 work visa applications, Permanent Residence Permits, Investor Permits, Family Sponsorship, Student Permits, Spouse Visa, Visitors Permits, Citizenship and Ancestry.

Our team of highly qualified legal specialists will help you with your Unites Kingdom immigration applications and problems. Our immigration expert solutions are professionally innovative, cost-effective in addition to being implemented efficiently, effectively and promptly on top of delivery of services.

We link you to a team of dedicated and competent professionals (Birmingham lawyers and solicitors) with technical expertise that offers tailored services with a high level of integrity, transparency, professionalism, and accountability.

As immigration and asylum firm in Birmingham, we pride ourselves in having a database with quality immigration service professionals who also offer cutting-edge advice.



Highly Experienced

UK Immigration issues are very delicate and vital and thus you do not want to entrust such services to someone who can gamble your future. At Immigration Solicitors Birmingham, we understand what it means to have an immigration issue and want it to be handled in a competent yet quick manner.


Defining Success

With a team of competent professionals we define and redefine success. We ensure your matter is well handled as well as appeals leading to a successful outcome. Our success portfolio in Birmingham is unparalleled. Our honest advice and guidance have fostered this over the years.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed

Common Practice Areas For Our Immigration Lawyers

Sponsored Work Visas

We help you process your paperwork before immigrating to Birmingham in addition to offering advice on how the process is undertaken and the expectations of the client Visa the law enforcement and requirements as you work here.

Entrepreneur Visas

If desirous of visiting the United Kingdom/ Birmingham and engaging in investment, we help you evaluate your investment options as well as what are the criteria to follow before making an investment including property ownership and tax compliance.


Student Visas

Every year the United Kingdom especially Birmingham receives very many international students in the local institutions due to high quality of education. Thus we help you to put all your paperwork in order for purposes of student visa and also on your requirements as a student visa holder.

Visa Extensions

Is your visa expiring soon and you need to extend your stay? Worry no more. We will link you up with Birmingham Immigration Experts who will help you with the extension process.

Family Sponsorship / Spouse Visa

As an outstanding immigration agency, we also offer services meant to reunite families through sponsoring relatives in the United Kingdom. We help you to successfully complete the immigration process of sponsoring a relative/ spouse. Spouse visas and Fiancé Visas – under this category we handle all these issues.

Visitor Visa

The United Kingdom is a major tourist attraction destination. Birmingham specifically has very any sites that people globally want to visit and so we help you fulfill your dream of visiting this magnificent place. We help you acquire the necessary visas for an epic holiday. Check the visit visa checklist here.

Permanent Residence

Our agency will link you with competent solicitors/ lawyers who are always ready to help you acquire the permanent residency status. They will walk you every step of the way if you have been in the UK for some time and desire to acquire permanent residence.

British Citizenship

As a permanent resident of the U.K, you are eligible to apply for British citizenship. This means that you will be able to comfortably live and work without any restrictions. So, if living in Birmingham, you can contact us.


With the help of a diverse team of professionals, we help you trace your family history. This is through examining the genealogy records and building your family tree. Thereafter, we assist you in applying for the UK Ancestry Visa once we establish you meet the criteria.

Speak to an Immigration Expert For Your Visa Assessment.

Establishing a client’s main issue is very critical. That is why we offer free no obligation visa assessment in Birmingham. Through this free assessment, we are able to identify your immigration issue and consequently link you with one of our best solicitors/ lawyers in the database so that your matter is well handled. The solicitor/ lawyer will be best suited for your specific needs coupled with both the expertise and experience in similar cases.

Why Choose ISB’ Immigration Lawyer in Birmingham

We pride ourselves in having a database with quality immigration service professionals who also offer cutting-edge advice.

Honest and Professional Advice!

Our team of immigration solicitors is always armed with the rules and regulations to advise you on the merits or demerits of your issue. They are able to honestly engage you on whether your matter will be resolved effectively and efficiently through the set systems. We are also aware that when it comes to immigration issues time is of the essence and thus we always endeavour to link you to experts who will handle your issue in a timely way. We live up to the set expectation

We Care

Client care is very vital in any service delivery. We never keep the client in the dark. We are always there to answer the client all queries as well as update the client on the immigration progress of the matter being handled. Your issue is our concern.

Fixed Fees

At ISB we do not charge the Clients exorbitant fees. We have fixed fee charges that are reasonable and well calculated to ensure the client does not feel overcharged or exploited. We make the services affordable for you.

Simple and Secure Process

Immigration issues are in most instances difficult to comprehend. With a team of experts on our lawyer database, they will handle your issue in a simple yet secure manner in line with the UK Immigration Rules and Regulations. We make the process less complex for you and treat your information as confidential as possible.

When is the Right Time to Get an Immigration Solicitor in Birmingham?

Every time you are in need of immigration services it is important to consult an Expert. You will be guided on the visa process and requirements to facilitate you getting the service you need. Do not wait till it is too late to engage an immigration solicitor. Once the process gets complicated, you might suffer harm such as visa being canceled, non-extension among others. We are an email/ call away and you will be offered the assistance you need. No need to complicate the process for yourself.

 Birmingham Immigrant Success 

Client Testimonials

Excellent advice, wonderful assistance and professionally managed the case for our success. We would highly recommend ISB for their professional administrations directly from the first call to as far as possible… We accept that their success rate in winning is high!

Jessica H


Very nice people and staff. They will explain to you very easy and they are very helpful. I have been asking them so many questions about immigration and they are responded very quickly. They helped me to bring my wife to Birmingham. Finally, they are really very helpful

Christine Donnery

Vancouver Island

We were trying for years to get a UK visa before we found ISB. Others informed us the visa would be difficult but honestly, they worked so hard for us, guiding on documents to organize for submission and on support letters to best represent our application. And we have finally got the visa we wanted.

Aleesha Alvarado


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